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Team Australia doubles medal tally

Plenty of video coverage from the International WorldSkills Competition in Calgary, Canada thanks to SkillsOne and World Skills TV .  Interviews with competitors and experts give a good overview of the entire Competition.

I have just been watching Carah Fraser who is a welder and a bit of a character. She discovered welding after some job hopping and is loving her work even though it is in a traditionally male dominated environment. Her advice to women is to go for it and not listen to the old dinosours who say that it is not women’s work! Grant talks about how he got into plumbing and said that he had ‘hands-on’ and business skills and is now teaching plumbers. Karl discusses¬† his project in fitting and turning and how early life on a farm fired up his interest in making and fixing things. There are lots of good and positive stories that are coming out of Calvary which are captured beautifully on video.

Competitors start in regional competitions and then successful ones participate in the national event and possibly go onto the internationals. WorldSkills Australia is featured prominently in this week’s edna VET theme page with their latest annual report, and a case study on how WorldSkill’s Australia set up some ‘green’ benchmarks for future events. In Australia, it is supported by the state and Federal Governments, and a wide ranging list of supporters and sponsors.

There is also information about the governance of WorldSkills International. It is run with a Board of Directors and Secretariat,  and a General Assembly, Leaders Forum, and Youth Forum convening at various times during the two year cycle leading up to the next international event.