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The value of reflection

This post is a valuable one because it reminds me of the value and art of reflection. In lives that are probably too fast,  there is something priviledged about even being able to stop for a moment and review past feelings and experiences. So Dean Groom offers  three stages of reflection which teachers can readily apply preferably with different read/write tools (eg. blogs, aggregators, wikis,  and social bookmarking ). They are reflecting before and during the activity, and critically reviewing actions and experience after the event.  The first stage is in the revealing of the activity; it is about talking to students about their expectations and/or any prior knowledge or skills associated with this activity (microblogging).  Once the activity is underway, there is a need  to monitor the actions of students and ensure that they have an understanding of where it fits in to the context of what is being learned (MUVE). And finally reflecting on the learning process through recall, for example by talking supported by a blog post or a screen shot. What kind of read/write tools are you using in your class? Which ones are the most popular?