The importance of passion

Pride by specialkrb

Pride by specialkrb

I am  moved by Chris Brogan’s post on online communities. It  resonated for me when he speaks about ‘the people who live for community, the ones who know that the human-shaped web is much more powerful in the longer run than any technology out there today’.  He says that community is about making friends, building relationships and looking forward to what can be done together. It is at the ‘core’ of his belief system, and in his ‘blood’.  And that these feelings cannot be reproduced by corporations or people who want to make profits.

I can think of someone who demonstrates Chris’ point. Interestingly enough she expresses this passion in online and offline environments.  She comments on people’s posts, and shares her knowledge in blogs but also works as a face to face volunteer supporting a well known medical NGO.

Obviously everyone is not motivated by genuine commitment or such full-on energy. Can you think of anyone in one of your online communities who does and what  are the qualities that stand out for you? Are they active offline too or perhaps there isn’t a crossover at all….?



Here is something fun!

The question being asked is ‘How does the internet see you?’ and the answer, try Personas . Developed by the Sociable Media Group ,  it ‘uses sophisticated natural language processing and the Internet to create a data portrait of one’s aggregated online identity.’ I just entered my first and last names and the results are fairly broad in four quarters – online, books, sports, and education- in four different blocks of colour expressed in a linear way.  It appears to be pretty simple really but the idea of capturing an online identity in a nice graphic form is appealing… The only thing is sports is really not  one of my things and I am questioning how that result came about! :-).

If you have a common name it might be a bit more interesting but you are really sharing your online presence with other people of the same name. I tried ‘Lyn Clark’ and it came out with online, books, sports, management, genealogy, family committees, aggression (interesting one!), media, education, news, illegal (what does this mean?), legal, social, religious, medical, professional and accident, all in different colours and different proportions along a linear pathway.

It fits into the context of a new exhibition at the MIT Museum exploring the ‘social potential of new communication technologies’ so obviously something visual, quick and fun would be  great  for engaging people in that space. Do you think this tool is just fun? Or could it be something that quickly and easily expresses  ‘digital footprints’ for us with a tweak here and there?

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